FCBD® Updates

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Carolena and the FatChanceBellyDance® team have been hard at work over the past year, developing some updates that will help to make the dance more inclusive and to ensure that the dance’s origins are acknowledged.

Some of the terminology has been updated to terms that are clearer and more descriptive and to avoid inappropriate or inaccurate cultural references.

Therefore, Sister/Brother/Partner studios will now all be referred to as Certified Studios. This term is more inclusive and more accurately reflects that Certified Studio dancers have undergone the training that leads to certification. Furthermore, the certification process will be updated to include more information about the origins of the movements, as well as an exam (both written and practical).

What is a Certified Studio? https://fcbdstudiomanager.com/

Some of the movement names have been updated, particularly where the names (inherited from Jamila Salimpour via Masha Archer) have included references to peoples, places, or cultures, and these names didn’t accurately reflect the movement’s origins or have come to be considered appropriative or Orientalist. Where a name is specifically inspired by a specific cultural song or dance movement, the names are retained in order to honour and reflect this.

For more on the updated terminology, please see the announcement at FCBD.com: https://fcbd.com/about/announcements/updated-fcbdstyle-terminology/

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